Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Talking Frank

Radio talk show hosts and conservative activists Lee and Terry Frank have voluntarily left the air:

Let's Talk Frank, the daily radio program of conservative activist, blogger, columnist, and writer Terry Frank and her husband Lee didn't air today in its normal 3:00pm time slot, because after the sale of the Horne Radio Network to Blount Broadcasting on Friday the Franks decided to pull the plug on the popular program after the new owners informed them that their rates were being doubled.

I've been a radio buff all my life, and have been involved with radio on and off professionally since college. It often shocks people-especially liberals-when I tell them that one of my biggest radio influences growing up was Larry King. I used to lay in bed at night as a youngster with the radio left on just so I could sneak a listen at Larry. It wasn't Larry's politics which kept me tuned in, but that he was entertaining and always kept my interest. I've heard some of Horne's talent, including the talent they pay for-and Lee and Terry were the only creative hosts on that radio outlet.

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