Thursday, December 10, 2009

Keeping Himself Out

Who is ultimately responsible for keeping Kent Williams out of the Tennessee Republican Party?:

Association with a political party is a free choice, and the decision of a political party to disassociate with someone is also a choice of free association, regardless of the merits or lack thereof in making such a weighty-and hopefully extremely rare-political move. Political parties assist in the functioning of government, but they are not institutions of government and thus have the right to decide who does and does not qualify as a member.

It is very true that people in East Tennessee care much less about who is Speaker of the House and more about whether business is being done in Nashville the way that they would like it to be done. I myself have admitted that this past session turned out better than I would have expected, and I haven't even called-
as some others have-for Kent Williams to resign as Speaker of the House. Williams has incurred the penalty which he knew would be coming if he did not vote for the Republican nominee for Speaker.

Kent Williams has an opportunity to build bridges and mend fences by first admitting that the way in which he obtained power was wrong. If he fails to do that, the only person keeping Kent Williams out of the Republican Party is Kent Williams.

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