Monday, November 30, 2009

Keep 'Em Closed

Today I call on State Rep. Debra Maggart and the Tennessee House GOP Caucus to continue pushing for closed primaries in Tennessee:

David Davis did have a point, however-he was almost certainly defeated because of Democratic crossover voters, since Tennessee law allows crossover voting with such ease and no trace of party identification. I have known people who have told me "oh, I am a Republican but I vote in the Democratic primary so I can try and nominate the weaker candidate." It is no Republican's business who the Democrats choose to nominate as their candidate for office until that person is nominated, and then it is the GOP's business to beat them. The same is true for Democrats-the nomination of Republican candidates should be the business of Republicans alone.

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At Tuesday, December 01, 2009 8:37:00 AM, Blogger Steve Mule said...

Closed Primaries require voters to declare a party affilliation at the time of registration. I don't think this is going be very popular with the folks in Tennessee. In fact, going to this will require everyone to re-register. How popular do you think that will be?? I think you're stuck with what you have.


At Tuesday, December 01, 2009 10:15:00 AM, Anonymous Phil said...

Exactly how is it going to strengthen a Republican Majority to limit participation in the process? The Democrats were dumb in overthrowing the Kurita election. The Republican Executive Committee was even dumber in throwing Kent Williams off the ballot. It's high time the taxpayers took a focused look at the COST for their subsidy of the Republican and Democrat parties. The price tag on the special election to replace Paul Stanley is over $600,000. Throw in another $100,000 or so to replace Brian Kelsey and its nearly 3/4 of a million dollars all borne by the taxpayers of Tennessee. We can't afford the price tag of the Maggert/Oatney party discipline scheme.

At Tuesday, December 01, 2009 3:55:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what happens if Kent Williams votes in the Republican primary?

At Wednesday, December 02, 2009 9:27:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Under this bill his or anyone else's registration could be challenged as not being a bona fide Republican. So, if you don't toe the line of the politburo, I mean Republican Executive Committee, your vote can be disallowed.


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