Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Special Session On Stupidity

The law which became Public Chapter 1041 needs to be repealed, and has created something of a mini-crisis in the Tennessee House of Representatives:

While I am not sure that this rises to the emergency status that should necessitate a special session, and could be repealed retroactively during the first week of the new legislative session in January, if it is determined that the General Assembly must be convened in order to purge the lawbooks of this foolishness, justice would dictate that those members who were present and voted no on the original bill which would ultimately become Public Chapter 1041 should have their per diem covered, while the chief sponsor of the original bill should be made to cover everyone else's per diem out of his own pocket.

No, it won't happen that way and the law and rules of the House do not provide for such a measure, but it ought to.

The Lieutenant Governor says this can wait until January to be addressed. I hope it is and I hope the State will not penalize family businesses in the meantime while we wait on what will hopefully be repeal of this law. The process really bears watching, because if the law is not repealed, it could forever change who is able to do business in Tennessee, and very small family businesses could be out of that loop.



At Tuesday, November 24, 2009 8:44:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is an easy way around this for your father-in-law. He can simply incorporate his business. A simple, $300 fee for most people.

Why should your fater-in-law have an advantage over other contractors who responsibly carry work comp when in a bid situation?

Incorporating his business will exempt him from the provisions of this new law.

And, by the way, they aren't repealing this law, they are only delaying implementation until February of 2011.


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