Monday, November 23, 2009

Cut Registry, Not Carriers

If Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen wants to cut something, how about the gun permit registry?:

A well-placed source at the State Capitol informed The Examiner over the weekend that as part of his plan to cut the State budget and find additional revenue, Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen and Revenue Commissioner Reagan Farr are considering a $150 additional tax on those people who apply for concealed carry firearms permits in Tennessee. Apparently Bredesen believes that this is a way to raise additional revenue and is, in a very real sense, a voluntary tax. If such a plan were carried out, all it would likely do is discourage people from obtaining their carry permits, since the process is already costly because the State mandates a safety course which is already rather costly as a prerequisite. Make the process even more expensive, and it becomes cost-prohibitive for a great many Tennesseans who would be otherwise inclined to legally carry a firearm for their personal protection.

Vermont requires no permit to purchase a handgun, rife, or shotgun, and no licensing of any such firearm. Vermont requires no permit of any kind to carry a firearm concealed or otherwise. A record of sale is kept and a person's criminal record is checked, and if you are convicted of a felony you can't purchase or carry a gun legally. The only places where a person who otherwise can carry isn't allowed to is in a courthouse or on school property.

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