Thursday, November 19, 2009

How Gibbons Helps GOP Gubernatorial Candidates

Shelby County District Attorney Bill Gibbons may not win the Republican nomination for Tennessee Governor, but he is keeping the campaign for the GOP nod competitive, instead of allowing one candidate to run away with it:

Despite Zach Wamp wishing that Ron Ramsey would find some reason to drop out (he admitted as much to Rob Huddleston and myself at the Statesman's Dinner this year when he told us that he thought Ramsey was going to have to "make some decisions" so that Bill Haslam could have a serious competitor), Ron Ramsey's campaign is still showing signs of astonishing resilience, and neither he nor Wamp appear to be going anywhere but the campaign trail. Bill Gibbons' seeming desire to fight on insures that Haslam can't "run away" with a victory, and that if he gets one next August, he will have had to work hard for it. None of the current Republican primary polls show Haslam winning in a blowout.

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