Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why We Are Free

On this Veterans Day, don't forget why I am free to be writing to you in this way:

As of yet, I can't be locked away for being openly critical of the President, or of Governor Bredesen, or of our Members of Congress or the General Assembly. While I am well aware that there are many people both inside and outside of government who wish that I were locked away in a closet somewhere to be shut up, I am not because a soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine took a bullet that paid for my right to speak out.

Most people are aware of the "tea party" protests around the country, and the President would love the partiers to go away. You don't have to because some boys at Lexington and Concord were so tired of a government that tried to shut them up that they opened fire on its soldiers and faced the wrath of what in those days was the most awesome
power on earth so we could freely choose not to have the will of government imposed on us.

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