Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Another Case for Per Diem

Today's Examiner column takes a second look at legislative per diem in Tennessee since Knoxville News-Sentinel columnist Tom Humphrey has caused its ugly head to once again be reared:

In the very first column that I wrote for The Examiner, I dealt with the issue of per diem payments in the General Assembly, and took the unpopular position that it is perfectly fine for legislators to accept the payments and that the State should make them. No, Nashville legislators should not receive the payments, and that is a reform that the General Assembly can and should consider very carefully, letting Davidson County members explain why they should get per diem when they don't need a hotel room or apartment. However, per diem payments to legislators outside of Davidson County should be the normal procedure on the Hill, because failure to help pay legislators' expenses will further discourage the everyday Tennessean from running for office at a time when the opportunity to do so is already impossible for so many.

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