Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Stranger Things Have Happened

As stranger things have happened in Tennessee politics, there is still a way that State House Speaker Kent Willims can winny his way back into the Speakership, and perhaps the Tennessee GOP:

There is also little doubt that Kent Williams is aiming for another term as Speaker of the House, and one of the reasons that he wants to be re-enstated as a member of the Tennessee Republican Party is that being a party member would make it much easier for Williams to get the Republican nomination for Speaker. Last January, Williams was made Speaker because he received the Democratic nomination, but if political projections for the 2010 General Election turn out to be even remotely accurate, there will be too few Democrats to sustain Williams as Speaker should they want to do so. Kent Williams either needs the Republican Caucus to back him or he needs a real bipartisan coalition to re-elect him Speaker.

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