Friday, December 11, 2009

The Vultures

Out come the vultures trying to attack Bill Hobbs today:

Domestic violence is very serious business indeed, and it doesn't matter what the political or religious persuasion of the abuser might be, abusers deserve far more than to have their name dragged through the mud. However, any allegation where Bill Hobbs may be involved must be tempered with the reality that our friends on the Left despise Bill Hobbs with a passion, because they know that Hobbs played as big a role as anyone in helping bring a Republican majority to both houses of the Tennessee General Assembly. Hobbs' indispensability to the conservative movement has been such that when he was fired by Chris Devaney when Devaney replaced Robin Smith as State Republican Chairman, I threw a ring-eyed fit, believing that this move wasn't a good opening salvo for Devaney, and demonstrated that the new Chairman was on disconnect with the ordinary folks out in the grassroots fields. Even the smarter people on the Left thought at the time that it was one of the worst political moves Devaney could have possibly made-and were clearly pleased about it (since that time, I have come to think it may have been better that Bill moved on, for other reasons not necessarily to do with Chairman Devaney).

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