Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Former Lt. Governor In Serious Condition

As most informed Tennesseans now know, former Lieutenant Governor John Wilder has suffered a stroke, and is in the hospital in Memphis:

How deep was John Wilder's legacy? I happened to be at the Capitol the day before Wilder officially announced his retirement (and was also there on the day itself), and passed by Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey's office as Wilder was leaving, and bumped right into Governor Wilder. As rumors were already swirling at the Plaza, I knew why Wilder had been in Ramsey's office-formerly his own-and why he was leaving it. Yet all I could think about as Governor Wilder said hello and said how nice it was to "see us up here" was "I am having a conversation with John Wilder-I wish I had a camera." I talk to legislators all the time about serious business, yet this little encounter left me nearly dumbstruck, and all I could manage to say was "Governor Wilder, it is a great honor sir...," and it certainly was.

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