Monday, December 28, 2009

Forrester Forever

The Tennessee Democratic Party should just break down and make Chip Forrester its permanent Chairman:

Forrester has indeed been the salvation-of the Republican Party. If there are three people in this State who can truly be said to be the public "reasons" behind what appears to be an emerging Republican hegemony in Tennessee, those people are Robin Smith, Bill Hobbs, and Chip Forrester. From the moment he was elected he went about branding his political opposition as "liars" and "racists," but someone forgot to send Chip the memo about Obama's margin of defeat here, and further forgot to give him the lesson on smart politics-that simply calling your opposition names does not put you in good political position. Forrester has proven to be a poor support for candidates as opposed to his Republican counterparts Smith and Chris Devaney (ask Ty Cobb about that), and apparently forgot how to raise money legally, originally allowing untracable money buckets at tables in support of Cobb's campaign.

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