Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Democratic Devil-May-Care

Democrats are bailing, bolting, and playing devil-may-care as an election year looms:

Doubtless, liberal Democrats will say that Parker Griffith's switch is not surprising, considering that he comes from one of the most conservative districts in an already conservative State, but the problem with this kind of thinking is that when either political party has a national majority the size that the Democratic Party currently enjoys, that majority cannot and will not survive without a representative conservative as well as liberal element-in other words, when your numbers are this high, you need both wings to fly.

The sudden and rapid decline in Democratic fortunes is certainly being reflected in the Tennessee General Assembly, where Democratic operatives and members seem to be taking a devil-may-care attitude in the actions they take (as in "we are going to get trounced anyway, so what the Heck"), as reflected by the mailing of a Christmas card over the weekend showing a senior Democratic staffer flipping the bird to receivers and wishing them a Merry Christmas. The realization that the Democrats may take a beating in the 2010 General Election may also be a big reason why Tennessee House Speaker Kent Williams is trying so hard to be re-instated as a Republican to run on the 2010 ballot.

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