Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Arrogance of the Left

Greg Johnson piggybacks on a USA Today piece on the so-called Obama health care "town hall" to remind us who the real grassroots activists are:

One side shows up in twos and threes with homemade signs after driving their personal vehicles for hours to make it to the meeting. The other is bused in with slick, store-bought signs paid for by Obama's perpetual campaign crew, Organizing for America. Hmmmm.... now which group is the real grassroots?

Some of our friends on the Left cannot fathom that the American people at-large disagree with their prescription for America. In the minds of these well-meaning folks, what they are seeing at town halls across America must be some sort of staged right wing plot. The President and those around him-from the major players in the White House staff to the Speaker of the House know that what we are seeing in these town hall meetings represents a popular uprising against the Congressional majority and the Democratic administration. Faced with socio-political humiliation, the Democratic Party is now reduced to calling the newly-motivated opposition a "mob," and they daily show that they are the ones who do not know how to respond to the sentiments of real voters.

A grassroots movement is not composed of hand-picked crowds and softball questioners. There are no made-for-political-posturing crowds at real town halls and Tea Parties. Over the Labor Day weekend, there will be yet another round of Tea Party protests at county courthouses and small town greens across the country. If the President or those closest to him are serious about extending the hand of conciliation to the opposition, rather than berate and dismiss us, it ought to be suggested that the leadership of the party opposite start listening to us. It might serve them well politically, but fortunately for Republicans, the President and his supporters appear to be too arrogant to know when they are losing a singular political fight. Arrogance always leads to political defeat and humiliation.

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At Thursday, August 13, 2009 12:09:00 PM, Blogger Steve Mule said...

In case you forgot: Republicans lost the '08 elections. They lost the Presidency and became an even smaller minority in both the house and senate.
The American people heard the Republicans and rejected them. When you lose you lose - you do not gain a bargining position - the majority is under no obligation to consider anything the minority wants/likes or thinks.
It's nice if they do - political fortunes do go back and forth. But you don't want to be listened to - you want it your way and will kick, scream, yell, hang in effigy, carry guns to rallies and whatever until you get your way.
TeaBaggers are driving their cars? Well, sure! Why should the parent astrotruffing companies pay when their dupes/patsies will do it for free? Besides, it also helps with the whole phoney ass "grassroots" mythos.
Furthermore, Johnson is wrong by comparing the two groups. President Obama is having a public meeting? Of course, OFA is going to organize supporters! They are under no obligation not to. In fact, that's what they're supposed to do. There's no claim being made that OFA is grassroots. The 'Moral Equivelency' arguement the both you and Johnson are making is predicated on a falsehood. Flasehood taken to its logical conclusion is flasehood.
Of course, that wont bother you or stop you since you are fighting against "evil." What yiu have been told is evil and since that's what you want to believe you believe it.
You believe it and truth and facts simply aren't that important.
FACT: East Tennessee is NOT the whole USA. Obama and his policies may not be popular there BUT they are elsewhere. Even here in Kansas many support health care reform and they aren't afraid to call out the TeaBaggers' BS.
Frankly, I believe that had Obama simply ignored the Republicans from the start we'd be much further down the road to a truelly equitable sistuation WRT heal care. All the Republicans have done is delay, obsfucate and lie. Even then they're losing and now the big money intrests are playing the big fear card to get their minons to make distracting jackasses out of themselves.


At Thursday, August 13, 2009 2:55:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Arrogance of the Left is only outdone by the arrogance of the Oatney.

The Oatney is still refusing to even adknowledge the actions of his own State Representative while calling out others who have similar issues.

How about it Oats? I mean, you even called out Faulk back in the day. Why the tight lip on Niceley's shenanigans?

At Friday, August 14, 2009 10:09:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greg Johnson is neither very bright, nor very honest. In other words, he is the perfect conservative columnist.


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