Saturday, February 09, 2008

A tale of two speeches

When Mitt Romney "suspended" his campaign for the Presidency at CPAC, he gave a speech that sounded more like it was an announcement of a candidacy for 2012 or 2016 as opposed to a real withdrawal speech. It is clear that Romney is hedging his bets for some future run, though it is open for debate whether that run will be successful.

Some have said that Romney's Mormon faith was an issue with some Southern voters, and I am sure there are a few folks who went into the voting booth with that in mind. I wasn't one of them-I was more concerned with Romney's squishy record as Governor of Massachusetts. In the next four to eight years, Romney is going to have to build the conservative record that he does not presently enjoy in order to secure the conservative support he tried desperately in this campaign to hammer down.

On the other hand, John McCain's CPAC speech (in three parts here) sounds as though he is either pandering or begging for support:

McCain's speech certainly wasn't a terrible one, but reaction to it was mixed at least and poorly received at most. One source told me that McCain was actually booed, but the boos were drowned out by the number of McCain supporters who were actually trucked into the conference to bolster McCain's address. Another person told me that conference attendees were asked the night before to please not boo McCain. McCain will need to spend some time convincing conservatives that he is worthy of their work , time, and investment.



At Saturday, February 09, 2008 2:19:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both speeches were primo examples of pandering. Mitt made sure he hit all the right notes so after the Dem win in Nov he can say, in so many words or less - "you could've had me." That's ignoring his 'I'm leaving the race so we don't surrender to terrorism.' No, Mittens, you left the race because you lost! Mitt '08 = Loser.
You know, David, we should hook Mitt up with Brian! Brian surely could put a positive spin on Mitt's quiting. It would be awesome, perhaps not plasable, but awesome nevertheless.
As for McCain, I think you pretty much pegged his speech.
And you know I hate to be a bum kick, and I especially don't like sounding like a broken record but who else do you have? McCain's it, all hail McCain!

Otherwise the terroristicals will get you! All hail McCain!
Be afraid, very afraid.



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