Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hillary's cash crunch

Hillary Clinton's campaign is in a cash crunch that her campaign officials are publicly denying (which would be the script, of course). We already know that she loaned her own campaign $5 million yesterday because she was running short on money, but today we hear that some of her people are going without pay:

Clinton faced a serious cash crunch going into Tuesday's multi-state vote due to overspending in Iowa, a source within the campaign told NBC News. Staffers blamed campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle, who was among those working for free, the source said.

Privately, her strategists have also largely written off her chances of winning the so-called Potomac primary Feb. 9, given the large black populations in Virginia, Maryland and D.C. They are also playing down her chances in the following week's major primaries _ Hawaii, where Obama grew up, and Wisconsin, which has virtually sealed the nomination for other Democrats in years past.

I know that the Clinton people are concentrating on Ohio and Texas, both of which vote March 4th. Hillary faces a momentum problem, however. Barack Obama continues to consistently out-raise her, and efforts by the Clinton camp to somehow paint Obama as the establishment candidate not only sound phony, they are-and Hillary knows it. If Obama wins in Louisiana Saturday as projected, and wins the caucuses in Nebraska and Washington that same day, a likely Hillary victory in Maine won't be enough to keep Obama from winning Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. By the time we get around to March 4th, it may be very possible for Obama to have amassed a slew of delegates and even more money-and that would suddenly make him viable in Ohio.

I'm obviously not a Democrat, but I find the race on the Democratic side fascinating and Hillary's desperation to be great comedy. The long race is also good for the political process in general.



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