Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The vote from here

It hasn't been terribly long since I returned from my polling place at White Pine School. While there, I noticed that turnout was very light-at least it wasn't what I expected. Jefferson County rules require that a voter fill out a short ballot application when you arrive. After I did that and signed the book I was escorted to a voting machine programmed with a Republican Primary ballot. I noticed that some of today's poll workers were neighbors-not uncommon in a small town like this one, but a pleasant side-effect to be mobbed with hellos.

I initially thought that what I witnessed was an indication of low voter turnout in our county. I've since been told that precincts all over the First District are reporting higher than normal turnout. At least one person who voted later than I did told me there was quite a line. It appears that most folks voted early in the morning or are voting this afternoon after work.

Nashville is reporting steady turnout.



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