Monday, December 18, 2006

Oatney's Hour of Power-The Wilder/Williams controversy

The talk of the Tennessee blogosphere today has been that State Senator Joe Haynes will challenge John Wilder for Speaker of the Senate and Lt. Governor on the Democratic side. No one is quite sure where this development will lead, but we do know that if no candidate gets the requisite 17 votes, Wilder will continue to be Speaker of the Senate and serve as the first in line after the Governor for power in this State. At 85 years old and with most wondering if he is capable of assuming power, Wilder now stands challenged by another Democrat in Haynes and a Republican in Senate Majority Leader Ron Ramsey.

If Wilder is Lt. Governor again, this, unfortunately, is what we will be getting:

In my radio podcast for today, the first topic of discussion is Michael Williams' betrayal of his constituents' best interest in the name of maintaining and expanding power for himself.

Oatney's Hour of Power-December 18, 2006



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