Sunday, December 17, 2006

Last night's radio show

Here is last night's edition of Oatney's Hour of Power, one that I am sure will generate controversy. Last night's program was expanded to just over 30 minutes. The caller at the end of the show is a Talkshoe Network host of a program called Tech Bytes, and he goes by the username of Kain on TalkShoe, and he called in to welcome me to the Talkshoe Network at the end of the show. I want to apologize that I wasn't able to make his show at midnight, I should be able to in the near future-but I do want to inform folks who might listen live how you can join me on the air live and be part of the discussion.

The call in number is 1-(724)-444-7444. To join the discussion you have to enter the TalkShoe talk cast ID, which for my show is 10742. You can make things easier and join the show regularly by creating your own account at .

Listen to last night's show (December 16, 2006).



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