Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Unconceded concession

Well, its official, Stacey Campfield was victorious and Schree Pettigrew was gracious (at least to supporters) in defeat. As nearly everyone is aware, I placed a high priority on this race as Stacey is not only a friend but is a champion of the kind of common-sense conservative ideas that I believe our State and our country are in desperate need of. Because I am thankful to have elected representatives like Stacey, I put a lot of effort into using this weblog as a means to inform voters about this race in ways that I felt they weren't hearing in the negative ads on television or from the other side. In this regard Stacey helps himself through the use of his own blog, spelling errors and all.

Last night Mrs. Pettigrew called Stacey to concede the race. She later called to "unconcede" after a voting machine malfunction was discovered at an early voting location. I strongly believed that this single voting machine wouldn't make much difference, but since I understand all too well how it feels to lose, I don't know that we can hold this against her. However, we are now more than a day since the election and at last report Mrs. Pettigrew has still not called to concede (for real). While somewhat humorous, I hope that she does eventually call to concede for her own sake-if she hasn't done so at the time of this writing.

Stacey has won and it is rather comical to watch Democrats gripe about it.



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