Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Giving credit where it is due

Well, let's give national congradulations where they are due-The Democrats had a very good night, especially in the House.

Democratic 234

Republican 201

Net: Democrats +33

Democrats have a majority of 11

Democrats GAIN control of the House of Representatives.

Pelosi will be Speaker, but from her victory speech last night it sounds as if (unlike some others in her party) she is not deluding herself into believing that this victory is a victory for liberalism, or the social policies of the left wing of the Democratic Party. The Democrats won this victory by running a series of candidates that ran the gambit in swing districts from center-right to downright conservative-example number one of that trend is the victory of Heath Shuler in North Carolina's 11th District. Shuler is pro-life, pro-gun, and when he lived here in East Tennessee (which was around two years ago-at least the last time his residence was here, if I recall) he was a Republican. To win, the Democrats ran candidates that weren't all that different philosophically from Heath Shuler, so this was no endorsement of the Left.

The Senate is tight as a pin-prick, with Virginia about to undergo a recount (Democrat/Republican Jim Webb-Ronald Reagan's Navy Secretary, has a narrow lead over George Allen), but we can safely call one key Senate race in the Republican column:

United States Senate-Tennessee
Winner Candidate Incumbent Votes Vote %
X Bob Corker (R)
925750 48%

Harold Ford, Jr (D)
876445 47%

Ed Choate (I)
10721 1%

David Gatchell (I)
3727 1%

Bo Heyward (I)
3541 1%

Gary Keplinger (I)
3015 1%

Chris Lugo (I)
2564 1%

Let me personally congradulate Harold Ford, Jr. on one of the classiest and most decent concession speeches I believe I have ever heard. He ran a Hell of a race and I can only say that I wish the man's rhetoric matched his voting record-if it did, he would have gotten my vote. As it was, I simply did not believe-based on his record-that he would be the kind of Senator he was claiming that he would be. The record is all that the informed voter has to go by, Congressman.

This was not an endorsement of the Left, it was a protest vote over a war that should never have been waged, and I hope the Democrats and the Republicans both remember that reality.

We'll have a "bonanza" of election results and analysis later this morning so stay tuned.



At Wednesday, November 08, 2006 9:21:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said!

At Wednesday, November 08, 2006 9:39:00 AM, Blogger The Constantly BAREFOOTED Ray said...

Well Dave, in all and absolute candor, the Republican party deserved every bit of the loss it suffered at the handsof the Democrats. After all, what should they have expected? They toPat Robertson that they were going toabandon the moral platform in 1992; and, it seems they did just exactly that. I guess it really started with Clenton's victory back in 1992. Thn, of course, who can forget the school lunch program mess in 1995? Then, as I'm sure you will recall, that pathetic joke of a Republican convention in 1996. As you may remember, Ted Copple walked out on that convention. I can't say I blame him one bit for having done that. Let me put it very bluntly. We deserved to lose last night; and, we did!!!!! What is the solution? I maintain it's time we did either one of the following things.

1. Drive out the ritch Rockafeller Republicans from their high horses and take control of the party ourselves. Let the ritch Rockafeller Republicans go their own way and leave us alone. They've done us enough damage as it is what with their Neocon imperialist mostrosities.

2. Form a party of our own; one where trueconservatives can flourish, give aid and comfort to one another and take back this country on our own terms (or rather, Go's terms) since it seems we can't trust the GOP.

The moment I heard the phrase "compassionate conservatism" issue forth from the mouth of George Herbert Waler Bush, I felt in my heart, my soul and spirit that this was a code expression which meant that we must give up the moral code of natural law by which all men should live and adopt a phony compassion of the left; just so we can be more liked by the enemies of God and man and thus have a greater chance of winning. Well, all I can say is what I said before. Let them get exactly what they deserve.


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