Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Harbergate comes to a head

It looks like the investigation called for by The World and Terry Frank may finally be coming to pass. A cadre of three Commissioners led by newly elected Knox County Commission member Greg "Lumpy" Lambert is calling for the Commission to launch an official investigation into Ragsdale's office-something that is long overdue.

Officially, Lambert is saying that he believes the Mayor is innocent but that we need to "clear the air." Unofficially I think that Lambert believes that Mayor Ragsdale is guilty as sin, but he wouldn't want to say that because he is afraid to burn bridges. To be fair, Lambert is also under pressure from constituents, supporters (including The World), and friends to live up to the anti-tax, anti-Ragsdale mandate upon which he was elected. As a result, it is he who should be leading the way for justice.

I will stand by my words and respect the outcome of any investigation. In the meantime, citizens in Knox County and East Tennessee should demand a thorough, full, and fair investigation into the entire Harbergate Affair.


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