Monday, September 25, 2006

And that's the way it is...

A few folks have wondered to me privately whether I was just blowing hot air this past Friday when I wrote that the Knox County Commission would soon launch an investigation into Harbergate. As an anonymous poster at Terry Frank's blog pointed out, neither Scott Moore nor the Commission did anything in their meeting today regarding Harbergate. Yet I stand by my original report as well as the reliability of my sources-so some of you are saying "Oatney, what's the deal...?"

If Moore (or any of the other Commissioners) decide not to act, I have no control over that. If they decide not to act after initially taking the decision to act, I can't control that. If I could control any of this, we'd be in the throes of an investigation into this entire mess right now. I agree with those who have said that this is far from over, because the Feds are looking into it. It is true, however, that by the time the Feds get to the meat of the matter, Ragsdale could be nearing his natural political end. If Harbergate has done anything, it has insured that we will not be subjected to the Sundquist-esque torture of Governor Ragsdale.

The only thing that I am really disappointed about is that since the Commission did nothing today, a certain Commissioner who I have a lot of respect for was among the do-nothings. I still greatly respect him, of course, but I am sorely disappointed that he may have elected not to take the lead in pushing for justice since no one else apparently would. Perhaps if a few of us refuse to let the story die, he may push for that investigation if no one else will.


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