Sunday, September 24, 2006

My college football rankings this week-9/24

Here are the rankings I submitted as my votes in this week's IRACF college football poll:

1 Ohio State
2 Auburn
3 Southern Cal
4 West Virginia
5 Michigan
6 Florida
7 Texas
8 Louisville
10 Virginia Tech
11 Notre Dame
12 Iowa
13 Georgia
14 Oregon
15 Oklahoma
16 Tennessee
17 TCU
18 Clemson
19 California
20 Florida State
21 Nebraska
22 Boise State
23 Rutgers
24 Georgia Tech
25 Missouri

After struggling in the first half, the Vols were able to pull away with a wide open 33-7 win at Homecoming. Ohio State struggled mightily in their first three quarters, scoring only a single touchdown before breaking open for 21 points (including an interception returned for a touchdown) for their 28-6 win over a flu-ridden Joe Paterno and Penn State.

Notre Dame deserves a lot of credit for the 19 unanswered fourth quarter points they scored after Michigan State scored 17 unanswered in the first quarter. The Irish downed the Spartans in what may be remembered as a miaculous 40-37 comeback victory, one that may mark the Charlie Weis era for years to come.

For a while I thought Kentucky was going to pull off the surprise of the season and upset Florida in the swamp. No such luck-a combination of rotten officiating and poor Kentucky play in the second half handed the game to the Gators.

Next week things really start to get interesting...


At Wednesday, September 27, 2006 3:07:00 PM, Blogger Chucko said...

I knew there was a reason I kept watching the ND game, perhaps one of the best games I've ever seen... and I have seen a LOT of football. OSU/Iowa should be a fantastic game... or a rout for OSU. Typically, at least as far as I can recall, the Buckeyes do not have a problem beating the Hawkeyes.

Was it Tennessee that OSU scheduled for a home and home in a few years? It was a big, historically good program... can't recall which exactly.


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