Friday, September 22, 2006

Commission investigation into Harbergate could soon begin

The World has previously reported that a prominent Knox County Commissioner may move to launch an investigation into the Harbergate Affair at the September meeting. We have heard the story from several sources, most of whom have long proven to be reliable. Because of the seriousness of the investigative process, we have been hesitant to report until now just who might be considering making a move to launch an investigation by the Commission. However, people need to be encouraged to make the moves that they have been contemplating to insure justice is done.

The word given to us is that the Commissioner who may move to investigate the corruption in Mike Ragsdale's administration is none other than Commissioner Scott Moore, the Commission Chairman. If this proves to be true it is an extremely significant development, since Moore was supported by Ragsdale in his bid to topple former Commission Chairman Leo Cooper. If Moore leads the way in investigating whether Mike Ragsdale is guilty of wrongdoing, it will show that Moore wishes to serve the people of Knox County and East Tennessee before he wishes to do the bidding of Mike Ragsdale. If Moore (or anyone) does not move to investigate Ragsdale, it will show that the Commission is more interested in their pet projects than insuring clean as well as effective government for the people they serve.

Meanwhile, the efforts of those who support the present establishment to cause their political opponents (especially Republicans who oppose them) personal and professional harm seems to continue unabated. It would seem that the city and county, in their supposed "efforts" to join together in "improving" city parks and "develop" the waterfront along the south side of the Tennessee River plan to steal several properties under the cloak of imminent domain. Among the lands, homes, and other properties that are reportedly on the list for government-approved theft are several owned by Knoxville City Councilman, former Knox County Mayoral candidate, and outspoken Ragsdale and Haslam opponent Steve Hall. Does anyone really think that is just a coincidence?


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