Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Here comes the Greek chorus

It appears that my calls yesterday for Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert to resign have now been echoed throughout the press, and when The Washington Times openly demands Hastert's resignation, observers can be certain that conservatives are angry. The Times went so far as to recommend that Congressman Henry Hyde of Illinois replace Hastert, largely because Hyde is retiring when the 109th Congress adjourns and has "no dog in this fight."

Conservatives are angry, as are all people of goodwill who find the acts of Representative Foley abhorrent. Even the word "abhorrent" does not seem strong enough to express the outrage of many Americans.

Conservatives have reason to be more angry than most. Speaker Hastert's inability to confront Foley shows an ineptitude in his personal leadership, an ineptitude that reflects on the leadership abilities of the entire House, whether that sort of broad-brush mentality is the right attitude to have is not important-an eye to the mind of the average voter is.

It is important that the conservative press should lead the way in demanding that Hastert leave the Chair. With the election approaching, a quick condemnation from conservatives and a change in leadership shows, if nothing else, that conservatives take these terrible allegations as seriously as they deserve to be taken.

Actions speak louder than words.

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At Tuesday, October 03, 2006 4:34:00 PM, Blogger The Constantly BAREFOOTED Ray said...

Dave, I'm so glad to see you taking the morally correct stand on this issue. Rush Limbaugh has, I fear, lost focus from the truth and is now much too greatly magnetized to party loyalty. To me, when you fail to take the morally correct stand on an issue (as Limbaugh has done); and, when you fail to tell the truth about it and put the entire situation down as being "much ado about nothing" (as Limbaugh has done),toLet we.., so far as I am concerned, that's a clear sign of loss of focus from the truth; and quite frankly, being full of one's self. as a consequence of that, let me tell you right now that when my current subscription to Rush Limbaugh's web site lapses in January, I'll not be renewing it. I'd much rather give my $40.00 to the church or else to some other organization which is supported by the church. I first saw this coming when Limbaugh defended Bush's domestic spying program. Keep up the good work!!!


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