Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Proxy suffragette

Well, the Brothers of the Knoxville Council 645 of the Knights of Columbus voted last night to purchase the former Gospel Light Baptist Church property on Millertown Pike. That means that if everything goes according to plan, Knoxville's Knights of Columbus Council will return to a hall of their own after six years of meeting like gypsies in other people's quarters.

Only one member voted "no" on the question. Because I respect this person immensely, I will not reveal his name, but I will say that he is involved in our local Republican Party, and he has been for a number of years. He is also a former candidate for public office, and like me, this person has an unwavering commitment to the pro-life cause, to conservatism, and to the Holy Catholic Church.

Did this person vote no because we were being fiscally irresponsible? No, we have more than enough in the Home Treasury to handle the purchase. Is the hall a bad property? No-he himself thought the place seemed as fine as any if we were going to built a hall. This person-this good Catholic, solid conservative, good Republican-he voted no because his wife really didn't like the idea. He had the guts to admit this before the vote was taken. I admire his guts in admitting this.

In the 124-year history of the Knights of Columbus, women have never been admitted to the Order. As a consequence, no woman has ever been allowed a vote-by-proxy. Apparently, a woman got such a proxy vote last night in Knoxville, Tennessee.


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