Monday, June 12, 2006

Acting above the law

The advocates of tyranny are now informing the people of Knox County that they will not suffer the wheel tax to be undone despite the fact that the Knox County Charter has been ruled invalid. The common argument coming from the downtown establishment is that the wheel tax was passed in a county referendum, and that the fact that the Charter was in force does not apply. Nevermind the fact that the Charter was presumed to be in force at the time and that charter government in Tennessee presumes to remove from the General Assembly (by the Assembly's consent) the power to pass most acts as they specifically pertain to the chartered county.

The prime facts (that the wheel tax was passed under a form of government now deemed to have been invalid from the beginning, and that by giving the people only two options with which to fund education in Knox County when Tennessee law allows for many other options made the referendum bogus) are to be ignored. This is typical behavior of people whose primary interest and concern is the maintenance and expansion of government, not the defense of the Constitution of the State of Tennessee.

Some brave soul should challenge the validity of the wheel tax-I believe they would have a very strong case.


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