Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Can the Tennessee legislature have guts like this?

I have to wonder if our Tennessee General Assembly could possibly have the guts of lawmakers in South Dakota this week. South Dakota made history by openly defying the Supreme Court and outlawing aborticide within that state, save a threat to the life of the mother.

Long Live South Dakota...

It is high time that our sovereign states stand up to the federal courts and let it be known that we are tired of being imposed upon. If we want to ban the murder of the unborn within our borders, we ought to have that right. I do not live in California, nor do I live in New York or New England. Perhaps the people in those parts of the world think it is alright to take the lives of precious little children, but I believe if a similar ban were put before the people of Tennessee in a referendum, it would pass.

It has been said of the South that even our Democrats are conservative by comparison. Perhaps it is time to put that theory to a test in Tennessee. Stacy Campfield, I hope you are reading this-I can't think of a better man to take up the cause of Life. It is time to use the power of the legislature and all of the power of state governmnet to protect the unborn, and we can nail Bredesen to the wall in an election year.

In 1990, George Voinovich won the Ohio Governor's race by making abortion, specifically his opposition to it, the prime campaign issue. We Republicans need to take the ultimate stand for those who cannot stand up for themselves.


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