Monday, February 27, 2006

Workin' on a building

I realize that many of my readers may not have known Fr. Chris Rohmiller, who I paid tribute to yesterday. Many of you however, can help honor his memory and put secularists in a tight wad at the same time. For years, Fr. Chris has been trying to raise the money to replace the little A-Frame chapel that is located on a little plot of land owned by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, in the middle of the Wright State University campus.

The so called "campus community" hates the fact that the Church owns land and a building right in the middle of a secular campus, and they would love nothing more than to take the land and tear the little building down. I don't think they'll be able to take the land or tear down the little building, but Fr. Chris understood that to ensure the Church had a long-term future in such a hostile place, a real church building needed to be built there. For several years now he has been attempting to raise the money to build that church. He wanted more than anything for the secular campus that was sometimes hostile to religion to be crowned at its very center with a high cross. I can't think of a more fitting memorial for Fr. Chris than to help make that church building come into being. Even more, I can't think of a better way to give certain left wing University officialdom conniption fits.

Even if you didn't know Fr. Chris, doesn't it just make you smile when God can triumphantly be waved in the face of the enemy? We don't need to be spiteful, after all, or hateful toward the other side, because we will win the battle in the end. The Campus Ministry church building is a tiny but important front in the ongoing battle between the sacred and the secular. Won't you help win one for the sacred? You can donate to the Catholic Campus Ministry building fund by contributing to its account at the Dayton Foundation.

Campus Ministry at WSU Fund #2848

c/o The Dayton Foundation

2300 Kettering Tower

Dayton, Ohio 45423


Help win one for the sacred and help one man's great spiritual dream come true.


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