Monday, March 06, 2006

Tennessee Republicans: Grow some guts!

Harold Eugene Grooms, the convicted chop-shop operator is now an alleged drug smuggler. We all suspected that this would come to pass (at least those of us following this case) but now I think we must ask the question: "Where's the beef?" More precisely where is the Tennessee Republican Party?

Yes, we all know Bredesen "gave back" the contributions he got from Grooms, but he has a history of taking contributions in ways that might be considered crminal, and even had his henchmen doing his bidding in the Highway Patrol. It has been alleged that certain troopers' jobs were threatened because they would not contribute to Bredesen's campaign.

In most places, that would be the undoing of any political candidate, especially an incumbent Governor. Not in Tennessee's current political climate, because we can't find a Republican with enough intestinal fortitude to stand up for our values and oppose the Governor.

All of those who backed down when they had an opportunity to take a stand for what was right should tell us all what they are so afraid of. Do they fear the criminal element that supports the Governor? Do they fear henchmen may try and "come after" them politically? If they do, that is all the more reason to oppose Phil Bredesen. If we allow Bredesen to succeed to crushing his political opposition with the sort of corruption that is epidemic in his administration, he will have no trouble allowing his "friends" to do bidding in these ways when he seeks other offices as well.

Republicans, do not be held hostage to fear of defeat or fear of a fight!


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