Sunday, January 29, 2006

Governor's race update: Potential candidate

Fortunately for Tennessee Republicans as well as all Tennesseans of goodwill, I have reliable information that the GOP may have a candidate for Governor after all. Readers will recall that I made an angry plea with State Republican leaders two weeks ago here to find a candidate to oppose Governor Bredesen.

From the sounds of it, I am not so sure if the State Party found this potential candidate, or if this potential candidate simply may be responding to the need to oppose Phil Bredesen. I am not mentioning the name of the potential candidate because that person has, as of yet, made no public declaration of their intent to run for Governor, nor have they said in public that they might run. However, I happen to know that this person may run because this individual has personally corresponded with me and expressed an interest in running for Governor. This person has also spoken with Tennessee Republican leaders in recent days about the possibility of running, and may be in the Knoxville area in the next couple of weeks.

I won't say that this is exclusive information, because this individual has told others, I am sure, but I am also sure that this possibility is not widely known. Although this potential candidate is not a well-known name to every Tennessean, I have no hesitation in saying that they are a more prominent Tennessean than I am, and they have quite a vitae, of which they bothered to send me a copy. I was quite impressed with this individual's accomplishments, and based on the little I know about them (I have just become acquanted with them in the last few days), I believe they would make a fine Governor.

We'll reveal more in the coming days and weeks about the person who just might be Tennessee's next Governor


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