Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Lord is faithful

The goodness and mercy of the Lord continues to astound me. The pressing financial difficulty I spoke of yesterday was resolved today, and with as little pain as you could possibly imagine.

To give thanks for the Lord's great goodness, I attended the 11:30 Mass today at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral in Cincinnati. I don't really know who the gentleman was immediately behind me, but I believe he was mentally ill. He was responding about 5-10 seconds behind the priest, and was talking to himself out loud-loud enough for the entire chapel to hear him. (Daily Masses are held in the Cathedral's side chapel.) Between responses, he was muttering things about the Holy Spirit and the world being filled with nothing but liars.

Nicole and I praise the Lord for his faithfulness. Once again, he has come through for us. Thank you all for your prayers. Tomorrow, things will be back to normal with regular news of the world.


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