Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Baptism and a prayer request.

I realize it has been a day longer than expected since my last blog entry, however, Nicole and I did not return from Tennessee until yesterday. One positive development that came out of Nicole's cousin's wedding is that the groom made a last-minute, life-altering decision: He chose to be baptized. In this case, Timmy chose to be baptized by the very minister who would perform the wedding ceremony the following day, a Methodist who I am told has been the minister to the family for years until he was transferred to Johnson City. It is my prayer that now that he is baptized, he and Charlene (everyone calls her Charlie, and she goes by that name herself) will now live out their baptisms and raise their daughter up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. It was quite an experience to witness the baptism of a young man who seems to have had little, if any Christian upbringing or training. From the expression on Tim's face, it was obvious that baptism had a real and tangible effect on him.

I am asking for the prayers of all my readers who truly believe in prayer. Nicole and I have had a very sudden and unexpected financial difficulty befall us. Although I don't think it will affect our ultimate plans to move, it is possible that it may affect the timing of that move. Perhaps more importantly, however, it is quite possible that until the situation is resolved, we will be "raking and scraping" to get by financially. This is a situation that may be possible to resolve in a way that would be to our benefit. For now, I am asking for prayer that this is indeed what happens, because if it does not occur that way, I am not sure what we will do. In faith and confidence in the Lord and His abundant mercy, pray for us.

I may be able to post an entry tomorrow, although if I do it may be later in the day. I have some pressing business to attend to in the morning.


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