Thursday, May 12, 2005

Stability of Democrat supporters on the internet brought into question

A poster who goes by Jami says:

Paranoia, ever? What a freak. Your people control everything, and yet you cower in your corner, stroking your Derringer.

First of all, note the inability to write in complete sentences or use logical sentence structure. "Paranoia, ever?" This is not correct sentence structure, and may be representative of an inability to think in proper order.

"What a freak." Okay, Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry aren't socialists? Really...then they themselves are liars, as they constantly accuse the GOP of not being "socially conscious," and in leftist parlance, those are code words for "not sufficiently socialist enough." They also admit to favoring aborticide and euthanasia, and they think the government ought to pay for it.

"Your people control everything..." Really? Wow...If my people control everything, wouldn't you think that would make me a very wealthy man. Anyone who has personal contact with me knows that my people do not control everything. Get a list of big contributors to the Democratic Party, however, and you'll find a great many Hollywood bigwigs and network executives. These people control the major media, and anyone who is mentally stable will inform you that the people who control the media are the ones who control everything.

" cower in your corner, stroking your Derringer." Darlin, I cower in the corner to no one, and I'd be willing to wager that if I haven't seen a lot more of reality than you have, I've seen just as much. As for stroking my Derringer...I don't own a Derringer, so I can't say that I have ever stroked one. It must be a relatively enjoyable thing to do since you are of the mind that I ought to sit in the corner and stroke one. Is it fun?


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