Thursday, May 12, 2005

Even less confidence up North

More on the developing Canadian dictatorship: If The National is to be believed, Paul Martin's Government lost a second confidence vote in Parliament in as many days. Yet Martin refuses to petition for a dissolution of Parliament, saying that a no-confidence vote isn't really a no-confidence vote, and that one won't come until the budget vote seven days from now. Conservative Leader Stephen Harper has called on Paul Martin to be a man and face the music, and absent his own ability to do that, he ought to let the House of Commons place the music before him.

Unless Paul Martin does act like a man and ask for the dissolution of the disgrace of a Parliament over which he lords, he will, like the dictators of the last century, merely use the loopholes available to him in the instruments of democracy to solidify his own power. Martin and his party must be brought down for the sake of freedom in Canada-one way or another.


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