Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Why the Left frightens me

Following up on my earlier post as to why liberals (in the modern socialist sense) are unacceptable as those who govern, I thought it appropriate to re-post here something I posted on the Catholic Answers Forums in a thread on the British election. In response to a poster who said:

There is no 'Conservative alliance'. Only the left of left call Mr Blair , 'Bliar' (usually in frighteningly moral-deficient rags such as The Guardian, The Independent and The Observer (the Guardian's 'Sunday').

No Catholic should read these papers - unless it is to refute what they are saying!

Haters of Mr Blair are usually lovers of the libdems and very few of these (see David Alton MP - a wonderful advocate of life) have any scruples at all. In my constituency the libdem candidate liked abortion, therapeutic embryo research and euthaniasia. I thank the great God that the Tory got in!

I replied to that post with the following:

Thea, you are right. No one likes to think of the overt social consequences of voting for these leftists. The left successfully manages to convince people of the bogus "party of the rich" argument, while appealing to their innate sense of justice using Marxist class warfare rhetoric. In the meantime, by supporting these people in the name of so-called justice, they vote for more baby killing and euthenasia. As a disabled person, these sorts of people frighten me.

Why? Because they talk a good game about increased social spending, what they call "justice," but they know that continual voting of benefits from the treasury will bankrupt the state. What is their solution? Kill off the vulnerable in society, they cost too much money. Kill the unborn, so that the population can be kept down and we don't have to spend as much money. Kill the aged and infirmed, they don't have a high quality of life, their care costs too much...Finally, it may very well come to "kill the disabled, they are less useful to society and they are not producers, they cost society too much money."

If you think it can't happen, remember that there was a time when no one thought legalized abortion could happen, either. The very notion was seen as "barbaric."

When you vote for left-wing parties, you had best remember just what it is you are really voting for.


At Wednesday, May 11, 2005 9:28:00 AM, Blogger Matt Daley said...


You are correct. And, referring to the class warfare bit, how does the left accomplish that? By keeping the lower classes down. That's the only way they can have any type of influence -- if a large enough class of people is (basically) poor and stupid.

They accomplish this feat through the government entitlement system (Welfare, food stamps, etc.) and through the crumbling education system, which they refuse to fix.

Think about it...why would the people need big government if they were wealthier, more independent and more intelligent? They wouldn't.

I really wish Republicans would hammer these points home, too, because many people simply don't realize this.

If we could only get rid of the government handouts and work on the education system in meaningful ways, our country's lowest classes would become far more independent and intelligent, and thus, more wealthy.

Of course, it's more likely that Hell itself will freeze over before we rid ourselves of the shackles of our entitlement culture...but we can dream, can't we?



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