Monday, March 28, 2005

Whose report will you believe?

Your mother always told you never to discuss politics and religion, as those were sensative and dangerous subjects. Well, with certain of my in-laws, politics is not overly dangerous (notice I said CERTAIN of them) because there is a large segment of them which are Republicans, and pretty conservative, as Southerners (who are usually conservative by nature) go.

The subject of danger is religion...However, the problem lies not in discussing Protestantism vs. Catholicism. This would be a fruitless discussion by itself since most of my in-laws are either evangelical/fundamentalist Protestant or aren't religious at all. As I learned, however, the danger is that certain ones are of the opinion that they may have their own personal interpretation of scripture, and no one else's (including some trusted Protestant Divines) is acceptable, because we can't be sure anyone is right. For once, this kind of talk provoked a unanimous Declaration of Wierdness on which a Catholic and two Methodists agreed!

Whose authority can be trusted, and whose interpretation can be believed? Without some authority which can be relied upon to speak the truth, what is to keep everyone from coming up with their own way? If one's own way is right, but others can't be proven to be wrong, is their such a thing as absolute truth?

I think there is, and I think most Christians believe it, too. Without Authority, however, there is no way to settle on just what Truth is. We end up being like Pontius Pilate, and asking "what is Truth?"


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