Sunday, March 27, 2005

Resurrection of the Lord

We now enter into 50 days of the joyous celebration of Easter. EWTN has rightly described this past week as "the week that changed the world," and it is indeed true. No single week in human history has had more impact on the world than the very first Holy Week.

Can you imagine the initial reaction of the Apostles when Mary Magdalen reparted to them that the Lord was risen, for she had seen him and spoken with him? It had been a very trying weekend for them indeed. They had just witnessed the man they believed to be the Messiah be tried before two "kangaroo courts" on trumped-up charges in a manner that violated both Roman and Hebrew Law. They stood silently by and watched him be mocked, scourged, scorned, and put to one of the cruelest forms of death ever devised by the hands of men. Their hopes, they presumed, were dashed.

I can just see the scene now:

Mary: I have seen the Lord...he is risen!

Peter: Mary, its been a long few days...why don't you just sit down and relax?

Andrew: Mary, honey, why don't you just have a nice hot cup of tea?

Thomas: You saw Jesus? Sure you did sweetie...sure you did. *turns to Phillip and whispers* I believe Mary is losing is obvious she is over-traumatized. Truth is, she probably has Post-traumatic stress disorder. I know this fella, Dr. Luke, Greek dude...maybe he can help Mary, put her on some sort of medication.

Peter: Thomas, now listen, I'll not hear that kind of talk. We all ran away, but Mary saw it'd be going bonkers too...

Hey John...

John: Yeah...

Peter: Do you remember what Jesus said...something about rising on the Third Day...

John: I sure do. You know, everything else he ever said came to pass. I don't know about you, but I have an intuition to go down to the Garden and see what in Sam Hill is going on.

Peter: I'll go with you. Who knows..maybe he is risen...he said so, you know...

Thomas: You're all crazy! We all saw the way they treated him, we saw what they did to him. He's dead...we all have to live with that now.

James: Gee Thomas, don't you at least want to investigate this? You saw him raise two other people from the dead. If he could do that for others, how do you know he can't do it for himself?

Thomas: Every last bloody one of you apparently needs some sort of drug, it is apparent you have a chemical imbalance! If there is one good thing to come out of this for me, at least I'm the one that didn't lose my mind.

John: Thomas, Peter and I are going to the tomb..why don't you come with us?

Thomas: I'd rather not waste my time!

Well, however the conversation happened, we know that John and Peter saw the empty tomb that day, and believed. Praise the Lord, the tomb is still empty, 2,000 years and going!


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