Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Lesson In the Cain

What is happening to Herman Cain should be a lesson to potential Republican candidates in the future:

If the allegations against Herman Cain do prove to be his undoing and moot the time he spent in Tennessee, let it be a lesson to anyone considering running for the presidency in the future: What you consider your "private life" really matters. If you ran around on your wife years ago, or you engaged in behavior that was inappropriate at one time but you'd never dream of doing that now that you've settled down, you had better approach it openly before your campaign gets serious or it will come back to bite you. It would be better, if you intend to involve yourself in major national politics, to deal openly with your past before you begin. If the skeletons in your closet are going to stand in your way, it is better not to waste your party's time or the voters' time.

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