Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Barbara McAndrew

Tennessee Republicans-especially Republican Women-have lost one of their greatest champions:

We live in a cynical age that is often filled with cynical people, but Barbara McAndrew not only cherished her ideals and believed in them, she lived them to the fullest. In an era of history when it seems difficult to find someone to volunteer for anything for various reasons, Barbara McAndrew took the attitude that if something needed to be done, she would do it precisely because it needed doing. Tennessee Republicans are quickly taking our vast majority for granted in some cases, but there would be no majority were it not for Barbara McAndrew and the Republican Women who worked alongside her. She didn't just serve as Chairman of the Jefferson County Republican Party and help build it into a respected local civic and political institution, her work to help elect Republican State legislators would bring about the Barbara McAndrew Iris Fund, which continues to help put Republicans in our State Capitol.

This writer has had the honor-and it was certainly that-to work and serve alongside Barbara McAndrew on the Jefferson County Republican Executive Committee. Never have I known someone with the passion for conservative principles and for the community that Barbara McAndrew had. I've met many people who like politics, but none who cared enough to put the kind of time into public life that Barbara did, when she could have just as easily been doing so many other wonderful things. In the last year alone, the Jefferson County Republican Party was able to have a town hall with our local candidates which Barbara McAndrew largely helped to fund. Many of our Lincoln Day Dinners were funded as much from the tables Barbara McAndrew would buy. No one knew how to plan a dinner the way Barbara could, either-she was the Queen of Political Protocol.

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