Friday, April 01, 2011

The Oaths We Take

I'm thankful to have a Lieutenant Governor who cares more about upholding the oath that he took than in advancing his mere opinion:
Let us thank and praise Almighty God that there are still men like Ron Ramsey who (presuming they are Christians-other faiths have somewhat similar precepts) take the Christian concept of an oath seriously. There are some denominations of Christianity that teach that oaths should never be sworn because Christ said "swear not at all," but of course God made an oath with Abraham, with Moses, and Joshua, and Christ fulfilled an oath-a promise to which God was bound to "fulfill the law" or the old covenant-with the shedding of his own blood for a new covenant. A true oath makes GOD a party to the agreement and it is more than a contract. An oath is a covenant between the oath-taker and Almighty God that they will do what they say in their end of the covenant, and that in doing so, they agree to allow for the Supreme Judge of the World to hold them to account if they break their oath. Literally, the oath-taker asks for God's help in fulfilling their duties with the words "so help me God," and by those same words call upon themselves Divine Retribution if they knowingly break the covenant they have sworn. Ron Ramsey obviously understands that concept, although many of our political leaders in both parties obviously do not-and this writer is glad that he does not have to stand before God in place of those individuals at the Last Judgment.

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