Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bad Medicine

Former Tennessee House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh gets a taste of his own medicine:

Those were the days when Republicans were so few in the Tennessee House so as to be irrelevant. The House Republican Caucus was little more than an East Tennessee social club on Capitol Hill. Well the Lord works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform...
For now the tables have turned and it is the Democrats who find themselves in the position the Republicans were once subjected to in the recent past. The position of being the leadership team that the lobbyists and the public interests go to because they know that these are the people with the votes to pass whatever they decide to put to paper. Representative Naifeh certainly remembers that kind of situation, because he was Speaker of the House during a time when Democrats held that kind of dominant sway in the Tennessee General Assembly.
It is really a simple case of mind over matter. We no longer mind you, Jimmy, because you no longer matter.

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