Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Look for the Union Fable

Union organizers, or more likely, as the Lieutenant Governor rightly put it, "professional agitators on spring break" had their media day at the Tennessee Capitol yesterday:

The mindset of those who spend most of their time in or around a college campus-especially a public university-is vastly different than those outside of that world, whether students, professors, or staff. Often, it has to be that way. Expectations are different in academia and so are the schedules and the requirements of daily life. A college friend of this writer reflected in a conversation the other day on how we viewed life in university as opposed to how it really is and how we might have done things differently then if we all knew what we know now about the "game of life."
Many of these young protestors, whether at the Capitol in Nashville yesterday or at many of the larger protests in other places, are still living in the campus world. The realities of daily life outside of college, or even what real government (as opposed to the classes they are taking on government and governing theories-yes, I took most of those as well) is like, are still far from their understanding. When they are the ones who have to concern themselves with writing and passing the State budget, the tune they sing is likely to be very different than the one they belt out when they are arrested at the State Capitol for acting like an idiot in public.

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