Friday, March 11, 2011

Fair Taxation vs. Internet Freedom?

A political fight seems to be brewing between brick-and-mortar retailers in Tennessee-or at least some of their lobbyists-and Amazon:

The arguments of both sides in this situation are severely flawed. has been operating in the way that it does for years before that company ever proposed to open distribution centers in this State. One of the beauties of internet-only retail is that it is either very low-tax and is more often no-tax. That's why there is so much freedom in the internet and why it is such a wonderful medium in which to do business, because there is so little government interference. The internet allows a business to sell directly to consumers who seek a certain product, and if a business doesn't have a good online presence in the 21st Century, it is likely to be left wanting as more and more business is done on the internet.

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