Thursday, November 04, 2010

The New Burney

And here Tennessee Republicans thought the days of pulling a Kent Williams were finally behind us:

The 64 Republican seats in the Tennessee House of Representatives would seem to give the House Republican Caucus the ability to choose the Speaker that the Caucus would desire-the nominee of the Republicans' picking, something that didn't happen in the last General Assembly. A source inside the House Republican Caucus has informed The Examiner on the condition of anonymity that at least one outgoing House member is trying to influence the outcome of the Speakers' race, and not necessarily from just within the Republican Caucus.
"[Rep.] Joe McCord [R-Maryvile] is trying to cobble together a coalition of losing Democrats and shaky Republicans to insure that Beth Harwell (R-Nashville) is elected Speaker regardless of who the [House Republican] Caucus picks," said the source, who was one of the Republicans re-elected to their House seat Tuesday.

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