Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Going Down With the Ship

Real leaders have to take defeat with dignity:

In his speech Thursday evening, Zach Wamp told his supporters "the best candidate doesn't always win." A noble sentiment and a genuine truism on its face, but one that Wamp's supporters-presuming they believed him the best man for the job-already believe that in their hearts, and so do supporters of Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey. The world didn't need to hear either Wamp or Ramsey use their concession speeches as a means to sulk and whine over their loss. Ron Ramsey, at least, understood that.

Losing an election is never an enjoyable business, especially when you know that you have given the effort to win everything that you could and all that you have. The wealthiest candidate and the small-town politician who gets their start from money in a shoebox or a mason jar do have one thing in common-defeat is a risk that everyone who has ever entered politics and public service knowingly risk the day that they choose to make it a part of their lives. If a person takes defeat in a way that is bitter and undignified, the voters won't be the only ones to remember-so will the people who would be inclined to support the sore loser in the future in whatever they decide to do. If a man or woman takes a political loss with honor, other opportunities will likely be made available to that person or their supporters in the future, and as doors close, windows very often open.

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