Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Last August Round

Bill Haslam would be wise to learn from history so that it does not repeat itself:

Despite any issues or lack thereof over McWherter's intellect, because his father is just as behind him as Big Jim Haslam is behind Bill he can't be discounted. Ned McWherter was elected in 1986 over a well-funded, well-known, and relatively popular Republican opponent in former Governor Winfield Dunn. Much like Dunn, Haslam is wealthy, will have big name donors, and has name recognition and relative popularity, but a lot of folks who are suspicious of him-including a few with some influence (remember Jimmy Quillen?). Bill Haslam would be wise, should he win the Republican nod tomorrow, to study the parallels between the 1986 campaign and his own to avoid an unfortunate repeat of history.

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