Monday, August 09, 2010

Wamp Should Face Reality

Zach Wamp should be more gracious:

The informed observer can't disagree with Zach Wamp's assertion that he couldn't overcome Bill Haslam's personal wealth which was injected into his campaign funding. As we know from the 2006 Tennessee U.S. Senate race, this is more than a fair point, because it was Bob Corker's personal wealth that helped propel him to victory. However, in 2006 there were points at which both of the more conservative candidates, former Congressmen Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary, could have slammed the political door on Corker before his money and the Haslams' influence could become an overriding factor in the campaign. Similarly, the 2008 campaign for Governor saw the more conservative candidates, Wamp and Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey, both peak too early and fail to capitalize on doubts about Bill Haslam in the minds of the primary electorate.

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