Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Choice of a New Generation

For years, local Republican leaders across Tennessee and the nation have said they wanted new, more, and younger involvement in party politics and activities. Now in Tennessee they've gotten what they wished for:

In 2010, conservative activists have decided to take a "power to the people" approach to the political party that so many of us have long called home. Since that party wants our votes and our support so badly, Chairman Chris Devaney and the current members of the SEC shouldn't have a problem with the fact that we, the people who are its backbone and soul, would now like to have a hand in running it. For many years I have heard many partisan GOP leaders press for the need for new and younger people to become involved with the Republican Party. If new and younger activism is really what some of these folks want, an examination of the field of Executive Committee candidates in 2010 shows that, lo and behold, there are a slew of people who are new, younger, and whose politics are a refreshing breath of fresh air. I suspect the real problem that some of the old guard have is that these new people are not easily led about, and they expect that with new majority status will come a new way of doing business in the majority party.

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At Thursday, July 01, 2010 8:26:00 PM, Anonymous Mike Turner said...

The Repubs have more primary challenges than the Dems. The Tea Party is taking on the Old Guard for GOP Executive Committee seats, you have at least 7 house Members Challenging Casada's leadership, that makes at least 8 people running for Speaker, and you haven't even won the Election yet. Rumors of a Norris move on Ramsey. Robin Smith Partisans grumbling about Devaney . Sitting house Members openly calling Lamar a RINO. I like our chances.


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